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Lyric classical installation on classical guitar with lattice bracing

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  • Lyric classical installation on classical guitar with lattice bracing


    I am trying to install the lyric on my classical guitar but I am having trouble finding a spot to place the mic. The lattice bracing does not have enough space between the braces for the mic. So basically if you are not placing it on the braces themselves (which I doubt will hold in place properly) the only space left is on the edges of the top or somewhere at the sides of the soundhole.

    Has anybody experience with this?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Unfortunately, I have seen a few lattice-braced guitars that left little or no room for the mic to be mounted properly. In those cases, the Lyric might not be a viable option.

    You might be able to try mounting the mic on a brace as long as the mic can sit flat. However, it could introduce some spiky mid-frequencies in the amplified sound.


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      Thanks for the reply! I actually managed to stick it on a brace and it will hold I think. I am trying out some spots now and just look for the best results. It already sounds not bad so I think with some experimentation I will find a solution. On the side of the soundhole the sound was no good at all and to soft also.

      Is the idea of the placement actually to be as clos to the soundboard as possible? I am thinking about cutting out 2 strips on the sides of the adhesive where at each side a brace would fit in. Like the mic could fit between the braces and be closer to the soundboard. What do you think?
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        The mic definitely works best when it's as close to the bridge as possible. So adding some kind of shim so that the mic can be put closer to the underside of the bridge is a valid option.