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M80 and Lyric Wiring

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  • M80 and Lyric Wiring

    I know this question has been asked already, but it looks like the wiring diagrams have expired or were emailed directly. Looking for stereo wiring instructions for M80 and Lyric mic combo. Is it possible to choose which device runs through tip/ring so there can be a default pickup with a normal non-stereo chord? Also, why can't the M1 active be wired like this? It seems like the output cable from active and passive are the same (1/8 inch TRS). Thanks!

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    Hey CBSTL,
    Here's the diagram.

    If you wire the M80 to the Lyric, the Lyric will always be the default source when a mono cable is used.

    As for the M1A and the M80 in Active mode, the stockTRS jack allows the pickup to turn on when a mono cable is plugged in. Since the Lyric's aux input only has two contact points, there isn't a way to turn the aux pickup on and off. This is why you have to use a passive pickup. If you wired an active pickup in, it would drain the battery at all times.
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      Ok thanks! Does lr Baggs sell extra trs endpin jacks and wire?


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        We only sell the replacement assembly for the M80, which is called the M1C2. If you Google Baggs M1C2, you should be able to find a replacement jack/cable assembly pretty easily.