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troubleshooting a Lyric

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  • troubleshooting a Lyric

    So, in my acoustic, I have a Lyric installed two years ago, and it's been great thus far, until this morning.

    My setup is, cable from the guitar into a tuner pedal, then from the pedal to a Para, which is my DI, into the board. I leave the volume control all the way up on the guitar, never really touch it; the EQ on the para is all level; and, the problem is before the Para anyway...

    Last Sunday morning, all was well. I was out of town this week, left directly on Sunday afternoon and drove up for work for the week; drove back home on Friday (thus missing our usual Wednesday rehearsal). This morning, in early for final run-through, plug everything in, and, no signal. The tipoff was the tuner pedal: it comes on when you plug into it, then you can turn it on or off with the footswitch (mutes it when it it starts tuning, then unmutes when turned off); the tuner, though, wasn't showing that it was getting a signal to tune by. I tried turning the volume wheel, thinking maybe it'd gotten bumped, but that didn't help: I could hear a little static at a certain point through the in-ear, but never heard the guitar itself. So I thought, maybe the tuner is out, I bypassed it, went straight into the Para. Still nothing coming through the in-ears, so, I grabbed a different cable, thinking maybe it had a short, and still didn't help. As I'm just a backing rhythm guitar, I just played loud, I'm not leading solos, so it was okay for this morning, but I wasn't sure what I needed to do to get it back up and running. I've never had the battery die on me, but, I thought sure, I'll change batteries, so between sessions, I slackened up the strings, slid my hand in, replaced the battery. Still no dice, still nothing. So, I'm now back home, pull the guitar out, and, trying to get a handle on what's going on, I plugged back into the tuner pedal. Playing with the volume wheel, suddenly the pedal jumped alive, but then went back dead. It seems as if, if the volume wheel is all the way to one end or the other, there's not enough signal for the tuner to activate (which makes sense all the way down, but, all the way up?). But with it in the middle, I was getting enough signal for the tuner to 'see' the guitar. But here's what was weird: it wasn't 'in tune'. I clipped a Snark onto the headstock to verify that the guitar was actually in tune, but the pedal is not showing the strings correctly... if I hit the low E, the tuner pedal was erratically showing a C#... Checked the tuner with another guitar, and the tuner is fine, I've checked several cables, the cables are all fine w/ other guitars...

    Something between last week and this week has gone haywire inside of the Lyric it seems. SO, my question is, how do I diagnose this? I've changed the battery, cables, isolated them from the equation. I don't think there's really anything I can 'do' inside the Lyric itself either, is there? There's got to be something more I 'can' do to figure out exactly what the problem is, in order to be able to then figure out how to get it working again.

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    Hey Inbright,
    It's hard to say what could be going on with the Lyric, but from your troubleshooting, it does seem like the issue is with the Lyric itself.

    If you want to email me directly at [email protected], I can go over some options for getting that repaired for you.


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      My apologies for not thinking to come post this here before now!

      So, the rest of the story:

      I had the Lyric removed and sent to Caleb; the following week, had a Lyric back, reinstalled, and back in service.

      I really can't say enough good things about LR Baggs' customer service.