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Can I leave the Taylor ES 1 components installed when switching to LR Baggs Lyric

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  • Can I leave the Taylor ES 1 components installed when switching to LR Baggs Lyric

    I've decided to install a Lyric into my 2005 Taylor 12 CE. How do you guys feel about just removing the end pin battery portion and leaving the knobs, pre-amp module and sensors installed?
    I'm just tired of replacing the fuse that blows in the ES about every 6 months and I'm not really happy with the sound compared to the Lyrics I've listened to on YouTube.
    Also, I'd like some opinions on the Lyric.
    Thanks, everyone,
    Terry in AZ

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    I've done a number of ES retrofits, and in most cases, I leave the sensors in the guitar. I almost always remove the controls and plug the holes with some grommets from the hardware store. As for the output jack, I remove the existing jack, enlarge the hole in the plastic insert for the new jack, and wire the battery from the new system into the Taylor battery box (if it's a 9v battery box). This setup has always worked great.

    Personally, I prefer the Anthem (and SL) over the Lyric, but the Lyric works really well in some guitars and for some players. The Lyric doesn't have the stronger bass response like you get from an undersaddle pickup, but it tends to match what the guitar does acoustically most of the time. So it really depends on what you need. If you need to be able to plug-and-play wherever you go, the Anthem might be more consistent and reliable. If you can take the time to dial it in, the Lyric can typically be played where other internal mics have trouble.


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      Thanks, Caleb. The music store is installing an Anthem SL into my 2005 Taylor 12. Looking forward to hearing the new sound.
      Terry in AZ