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Lyric plus Loop Pedal Feedback loop problem with a PA

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  • Lyric plus Loop Pedal Feedback loop problem with a PA

    Hi there

    I have a taylor acoustic with a LR Baggs Lyric fitted by the dealer and for many years I have been performing in pubs and clubs with very little problem, just occassional feedback when the guitar gain is too high on the desk. However, I have recently started using a Boss RC300 loop pedal and have been hitting many problems with a feedback loop being recorded onto the looper pedal. I find after about the 3rd or 4th loop I have more and more of the original first loops recorded through the Lyric. So it looks like the Lyric is picking up the sound coming from the main Front of house speakers and this is when the FoH is not particulaly loud. I have tried turning the volume down on the lyric dial to a small level, but it makes no difference. The only way I've been able to solve it is by having the sound engineer turn my guitar down very loud in the main mix whilst I build up the loops. But this sounds very unprofessional and I'm sure other professional artists who use loop pedals don't do this. Do you think this is because the lyric is an active microphone system and not a pickup. For loop pedal use should i stop using the lyric and switch to say a soundhole pick up or under saddle pickup? Or is there some technique I can employ with the Lyric to prevent outside noise being picked up by the microphone?

    Many thanks

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    Hey Simon,
    Thanks for posting.

    As a mic, the Lyric does pick up a lot more ambient noise compared to the average undersaddle or magnetic pickup. So loud stages with other instruments, or even just loud monitors can cause the Lyric to sound drowned-out. There are some feedback fighting designs in the Lyric's preamp, but they will only help to a degree. If you are going to loop the Lyric over itself multiple times over, the mic is going to get swallowed up eventually in its own signal. You can try using some Notch filters to cut out the most prominent resonant frequencies in the guitar, but again, that will only help for so long.

    In-ear monitors would be a good way to get around that kind of issue as well. Otherwise, another type of pickup or even a combination system would be able to handle that kind of looping more effectively.