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Lyric hiss and weak signal

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  • Lyric hiss and weak signal

    Hi guys!

    i recently installed a Lyric in my ‘65 Gibson country western and it couldn’t be more dissapointing :-(

    the guitar sound I get from it is soo weak.
    to give you and example: using a session Di, to peak to orange when I strumming I have to set the gain around 8 over 10.

    havin to use high gain levels... I get a constant hiss, like when you have a hi gain amp at hi level.

    On the other hand... if I knock on the guitar sounds loud, but the strings sound seems to be ignored by the lyric.

    what can I do?
    is it defective? Normal?

    I could try to move the mic, but I’m running out of adhesives...

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    Hey Blackmore,
    I responded to your email. Sorry, I usually get to my emails a lot faster than Forum posts. If you still have questions, let me know here or there.