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Stumbling heartbeat sound from the Lyric

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  • Stumbling heartbeat sound from the Lyric

    Dear LR Baggs enthusiasts,

    first of all, sorry, English isn't my first language. :-)

    My Lyric system was round about one year flawless in use since I put it in.
    I play a Taylor guitar, through a few pedals into a BOSS ACS amp. The mic works, the signal is always strong and constant but from one day to another, I hear a popping sound like a dull sounding stumbling heartbeat.

    At the end of the day, after testing my setup with many different batteries and cables, playing directly into the amp with and without the pedals, I pulled the complete system out, clipped a brandnew battery on again, connected the Lyric with a brandnew guitar cable to my amp and... the "heartbeat" is still there..
    The amp surely doesn't have an issue. - When I use the stock Taylor ES2 pickup system, the signal is dead quiet. So it's definitely the Lyric itself.

    I don't know how to continue.. Any suggestions or opinions?

    Stay healthy and best wishes from Germany,


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    For anyone else reading this, Andree contacted LR Baggs directly and will be sending the Lyric in for testing.