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Lyric placement Martin 000-15M

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  • Lyric placement Martin 000-15M


    I am installing a Lyric mic system in my Martin 000-15M, and looking for recommendation on the best placement for the mic to give the most accurate representation of this guitar considering the 000 size and that it’s all solid mahogany.

    Any recommendations?


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    Hey SamIm,
    I always recommend starting with the placement in the manual, if there's room on the bridge plate. If that sounds honky or boxy, then I would try putting the mic on the back side of the bridge pins, either on the plate or directly to the top. On 000 size guitars, that rear placement has proven to work pretty well for me.


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      Thanks, Caleb. If I would try multiple placements, would the adhesive hold up okay, or would I need to replace it?


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        The first set can usually be used to try a few different placements. Once you find a placement you like, I would definitely recommend installing the second set of adhesives.


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          What do you recommend I use to clean the bridge plate and other parts where adhesive will be placed? Like, should I use any kind of cleaner, or a cloth damp with water?


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            I use some rubbing alcohol on a paper towel. It cleans well and dries quickly.


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              Samlm ,
              If you don't mind me asking, where did you end up placing the lyric mic?
              how are you liking the sound from the lyric?
              Do you require heavy EQ to get the tone you want/like?
              I ask because I am considering the lyric for my guitar (all solid mahogany guitar) as well and would like to hear from other people.
              thank you.


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                byongjlee76 I went with the standard placement on the bridge plate, between the pins and sound hole. I am pleased with that but I haven’t had much opportunity yet to really play around. As far as EQ, I don’t have any eq controls other than the pa soundboard. So far I found that dialing back the mids and up the lows and highs gives it a nice balance.

                Caleb_Elling I also was wondering about eq. For now I will be relying on sound men, but I want to eventually get a preamp and would be between the para di and align series eq pedal. Do you have any recommendations on which direction to go between those two? I know the eq would still need a di but I’m talking just as far as eq settings and quality.


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                  Hey Samlm
                  Both the Para DI and the Align EQ share many of the same components, and because of that, sound very similar. Choosing one over the other usually comes down to whether or not you need the DI or not. If you don't need the DI, the Align EQ is a very powerful tool for live performance.