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lyric in double neck weissenborn

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  • lyric in double neck weissenborn

    I have a double neck weissenborn, or more precisely one single large neck with two sets of strings, and I think about adding a Lyric inside, in conjunction with the mag pickup already present, so I wonder if positioning the mic centered on the bridge plate will result in a balanced sound between the 12 strings or will the strings directly above the mic will be louder than the side ones?

    I read several reviews stating that the internal eq is strongly cutting the low frequencies, as I tune my low string(s) most of the time in D (one step below the low E of a regular guitar), and some times in C, will it be a problem?

    Finally, I can't put the remote volume on the side of the soundhole like usual, because the strings would obstruct the access to it, so the only place where it could fit is on the bottom of the soundhole, between the two sets of strings, but I'm concerned about the X bracing being in the way of the remote, can you give me the dimensions of it please?

    Thanks a lot for your help,
    Nicolas, from France.

    Here's a picture of the instrument so you can understand my concerns: IMG_2037.jpg

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    Hello Nicolas,
    Thanks for posting.

    The Lyric should capture all of the strings on that instrument pretty evenly, just due to the way the mic works. If you are tuning down to a low D or C, then it would still work, but the overall bass response might be a bit lacking, especially if you needed to play in a band situation. The mag pickup should be able to help in that regard though. Blending the mag with the Lyric outside of the guitar should give you a lot of versatility.

    The volume control housing is 1-5/16" long, 3/4" deep, and 1/2" tall".

    I hope this helps.


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      Thanks a lot for your answer, indeed it helped