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Advice on troubleshooting a dead Lyric

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  • Advice on troubleshooting a dead Lyric

    I have a Lyric which has been somewhat problematic since installation and now appears to be totally RIP. It chewed through it's first battery in a very short time, maybe 3 months and probably only about a few hours actually plugged in. Apart from being very feedback prone it worked OK and sounded great when installed. But now I am getting no sound whatsoever other than some switch noise when I roll the volume pot back and forwards. I've swapped out battery, cables etc but no dice.

    Is there anything I can do to try and work out what is wrong? Any common weak points on these pickups worth looking at? Or should I just write it off?

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    Hey malclocke,
    Maybe it's best if you email me directly at [email protected]. It sounds like something has failed in the preamp and needs to be repaired.