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L.R. Baggs Lyric Phase/Polaritiy switch

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  • L.R. Baggs Lyric Phase/Polaritiy switch

    Hi all!
    I've got a L.R. Baggs Lyric installed in my custom Weissenborn replica guitar. It sounds great, but when I mix it with the Seymour Duncan SA-6 which is installed in the sound hole the sound gets quit thin in the lower frequencies. I'm pretty sure that this is because of phase interference between the two pickups. Is there any way to change the polarity/phase of the Lyric microphone? If it is working like a normal dynamic microphone I should be able to just change the hot and cold signal coming from the mic and getting to the end pin pre amp, or not?

    Best regards!

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    Hey Marian,
    Thanks for posting.

    It might be a good idea to run the Lyric and the mag into a preamp or mixer first, inverting the phase outside of the guitar. That could be the problem, but it would be easier to run the test externally first. If reversing the phase of either the Lyric or the mag helps the blend, then you can get into changing the wiring in the guitar. For the Lyric, the mic is powered, so reversing the wiring will just kill the mic. It will probably be easier to flip the phase on the mag.


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      Hi Caleb,
      Thank you very much for the reply. Yes, in the meanwhile I have opened the Lyric preamp and have seen that it is an active mic. But I was able to open the magnetic pick up and flip the connectors of the humbucker. It was difficult, too but now the phase has switched and the sound is full and just great
      Thanks a lot!


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        Glad to hear that you found a relatively easy solution and that everything is working well now.

        All the best!