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  • Martin D-15M + Lyric

    Hi all!
    I've had a Lyric in my Martin D-15M for a while, but I'm about to experiment with its placement to hopefully achieve a better sound. I wondered if there were any other D-15M owners out there that have found what they consider to be the best Lyric position.
    Caleb is kindly sending me out some adhesive pads for me to try different placements. He's been super helpful!
    The Lyric is currently in the standard location. When going through a Para DI into a recording interface, on the Para DI I've cut the mids a bit, and had to boost the bass lots to create the natural full sound of the mahogany dreadnought. The sound isn't bad, but I'd like to find a Lyric placement that will capture the natural low end of the guitar so I don't have to boost it so much.
    Any thoughts welcome! Thanks!