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    Hi, I have a Lyric installed in a Martin D18. For the most part I love how it sounds. The issue i am having is when I am in a situation that requires stage monitors. We play seated. Sharing a stage and monitors with 3 other guitars, each with some form of piezo, I always struggle with an odd low feedback. If I use a feedback buster it gets a little better but it is still there somewhat. The engineer always ends up making my guitar sound thin and weak trying to stop the feedback. I understand it’s a mic and that it isn’t as resistant as a piezo but it’s really not working for my situation. Any tips? Thanks in advance.

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    Hey Martind18,
    A feedback buster can help since it dampens the top resonance and stifles the air movement in the guitar. In louder situations that will only shift the feedback to a slightly different frequency, much like a phase button. If you want to be able to dial out precise feedback without killing your low-end, you will probably be best off using a Notch filter.

    A good notch filter would let you target the exact resonance in the guitar top, which is usually the primary feedback frequency. This kind of Notch can be found on the Align EQ, the Session DI, and the Venue DI.

    The new Voiceprint DI also has excellent feedback fighting tools available.

    I hope this helps.