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M80 brand new pickup but battery tester light doesn't work.

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  • M80 brand new pickup but battery tester light doesn't work.

    hey guys - just bought a M80 pickup. sounds great but but battery tester light doesn't work. have tried 3 brand new batteries. bit weird. any one know how to fix this. As I live in Australia postage took 2 months and to return is a pain - as the pickup works perfect. any help would be appreciated. thanks alot

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    Hey DazCross,
    I am really sorry to hear that. That's not a common issue by any means, so I am not entirely sure what would cause that.

    The only thing that I can think to do would be to remove the clamps on the sides and pop the top cover off. Then you can just check to make sure that there isn't anything like a loose solder ball or something that is causing a short near the LEDs.

    I'll look into this a bit on my end to see if I can come up with anything else to look for. I'll let you know.


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      thank you Caleb!
      Im a long time user of the LRB's. Love them.
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