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M1A, older models vs newer models?

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  • M1A, older models vs newer models?

    • I'm hoping that somebody may be able to help me out.
      I've been wanting to purchase an M1A for quite some time now, but simply just haven't been able to afford one.
      I have found somebody that is selling one as a spare, in new condition and in an unopened box, for half price!
      I got very excited about this, and have reached out to the seller.
      I'd noticed that the box looked different to those of the ones that i had been seeing in the shops, and after doing a bit of research, have found that there are infact "older versions" of the M1A (i found a 2007 version) With different packaging.
    • I'm assuming that the unit in question is likely just an older model than that in the shop.
      My question is, are there many or any differences between the older and newer models?
      I'm willing to risk not having any warranty for the product, depending on what the differences may be of course... as I'd just absolutely love to own one.
      Hopefully this isn't too much of a cheeky ask on here, for not purchasing new from baggs.
      Much appreciated if anyone can advise absolutely anything at all please.
    Thanks in advance, Jimmy Bird

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    Hey Jimmy,
    Thanks for posting.

    The design of the M1A hasn't actually changed at all since it was first released. We've come close to redesigning or retuning it on multiple occasions, but we've never done it.

    So an older version of the pickup should sound exactly like what you would get with a new pickup.

    I hope this helps.


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      Thanks for that Caleb, exactly what i wanted to hear =)

      I went right ahead and purchased it, it sounds fantastic plugged in, and i had my speakers pointing directly at me and it didn't feed back, which is exactly the reason that i wanted one for.

      Except, whilst flicking through my guitar rig5 pluggins, whenever i came across anything with even moderate distortion, it created the horrible feedback loop.
      I'm guessing this is normal, because of the boosted lows and mid range, not being a simulated accoustic amp?....
      ​​​​​​Would just like to confirm.

      I use a fully digital workstation (ur44 interface, mac, monitors, pluggins etc)

      Thanks again so much for your time, much appreciated


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        The M1A should be able to handle distortion fairly well, at least compared to other types of acoustic pickups.

        Are you getting low-frequency feedback? Or is it mid or high-frequency feedback?