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M80...Paint it black ??

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  • M80...Paint it black ??

    I'm thinking about painting my new/used M80 and my M1A black so they're not so obvious....any thoughts ?? Just a light spray coat to change the color...

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    I tried a few things and ended up with gloss black. Looks great. I'll post a pic later...
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      Here's a pic....This is my D-18 with the painted M1A, the M80 and PONO guitar haven't arrived yet...maybe Monday or Tuesday.......FYI I did a sound check after painting the M1A and there was no loss in sound quality that I could hear....

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        I think a wood grain cover would be cool Wouldn't be hard to make one. I wish Baggs made more things in the brown/tort like the Lyric.


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          The M80 came today and I put it in the Pono DS-20. it was a very tight fit but I got it in there without damaging anything. On second thought, I'm not going to paint the M80 after all, it matches the Pono very nicely as is. The M1A in the D-18 matches that guitar nicely as it's very dark toned with a black pick guard. I'm getting the endpin jack installed later this week.

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