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problem with m1 active pickup

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  • problem with m1 active pickup

    help. Since I bought the lr baggs m1 active pickup I have not been able to configure it correctly, or I do not know if it is a factory error. the pickup picks up a hollow sound as if it were a low-quality microphone pointing right at the mouth of the guitar, the sound is not bright at all, in addition to raising the volume it generates a noise as if it were interference, I have the pieces poles and I would like to know if someone helps me get the best possible sound, I use daddario strings of gauge 10 bronze, I hope they can help me.

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    Hey Jaen,
    Can you tell me what you're playing through? (amp, mixer, etc.)

    Also, are you getting that same noise in different locations? Magnetic pickups are more sensitive to electromagnetic interference, but it's usually only in specific rooms.


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      I am connecting it to a mixer and also to an interface, and the result is the same, even with two mixers of different brands so I hope you can help me to reconfigure the pole pieces so that I can get a bright and full-bodied sound like it is expected to be


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        Would you be able to record an audio sample and send it to me at [email protected]?


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          Yes, I send You