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M1 and B string

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  • M1 and B string

    I bought passive M1 pickup.
    I like the sound, but... the B string sound so "metallic", for me annoying (like a "z" in the sound).
    I had the some "problem" with similar pickup Takamine Tri-ax.
    Have you noticed that? Is it normal or there is a way to find a more natural sound for that string?
    Thank you.
    Massimiliano Cremona (Italy)

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    Thanks for posting.

    I actually just replied to the email you sent in. Here's the bulk of what I said for other reader's reference:

    Magnetic pickups tend to have more metallic overtones like what you're hearing. Using a good EQ is usually the best way to deal with that. You could also try completely removing the B-pole from the pickup. I've done that in a few M1 installations, and it really helps in some cases where the B string is too loud or too metallic.

    Between removing the B-pole and using some good EQ, you should be able to get a much more balanced sound from the M1. If you have any more questions, let me know by posting here or replying to my email.