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M80 - Reducing body senstivity

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  • M80 - Reducing body senstivity

    I have a Baggs M80 installed in my Furch GS20CM/C (cedar/mahogany) guitar.

    In general, I like the pickup very much, but I would like to ask if there's any way to reduce the body sensitivity.

    I do want the pickup to pick up body sounds (for percussive playing, etc) - that's why I bought it - but the sensitivity seems quite extreme. In particular, it picks up a lot of left hand noise, such as the "thud" of hammering on a note, or movement of the thumb on the back of the neck.

    Is there any way to reduce this? I've tried lowering the pole pieces, and also tried the pickup in active vs passive mode. I thought about putting some padding between the pickup and top of the guitar where it fixes to the soundhole, but there's already very little clearance between the top of the pickup and the strings.

    What would be ideal is if there were some kind of blend control (as on the Fishman Rare Earth Blend, for example, to mix between magnetic and mic signal), but I know that the M80 does not use a mic but instead a suspended pick-up coil. Can the sensitivity of the suspended coil be adjusted in any way or the volume balance between the fixed and suspended coil be changed?

    Thank you in advance for any suggestions.​

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    The only way to reduce the body response of the M80 is to either add padding between the pickup and guitar top or raise the pole pieces as high as you can. Those steps usually have a pretty minimal effect though. The M80, as you said, is intended to be highly sensitive to body resonance.