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M1A feedback issues

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  • M1A feedback issues

    I bought a year ago a M1A for my Weissenborn lap steel because of the high feedback resistance but I'm having issues with feedback in some situations and if I accidentally hit the guitar body with the slide bar the noise is as loud as playing a string. I usually plug to a VOX AC15 no super clean with no overdrives in the chain. Plugging straight into the PA gives me the same issue. The pickup sounds good but it's crazy "microphonic". Is this normal?

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    Hey Alerista,
    Thanks for posting.

    To be clear, are you having feedback problems when you hit the guitar top? Or is it just microphonic?

    The M1A was designed with a floating coil that is intentionally microphonic. This gives the pickup its unique quality and makes it sound a bit more like the guitar compared to traditional magnetic pickups. So that body-sensitivity is entirely normal.

    Most feedback occurs at a lower frequency than the M1A's body sensitivity, but it largely depends on the instrument.

    Let me know if the issue is the sensitive nature of the pickup's handling noise or if you're actually getting feedback and I'll be happy to help however I can.


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      Hi thanks for answering. The feedback happens when I’m not playing. I already put a rubber disc on the sound hole around the pickup which seems to help a bit now tried to put some spacers to raise the pickup closer to the strings and raised the pole pieces too. Am I going in the right direction or do you have a better idea?


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        Raising the pole pieces up and adding something between the pickup and guitar top should increase the string sensitivity and decrease the body sensitivity. Paired with a soundhole cover, that should help quite a bit.

        If you still need more, a pedal or preamp with a good Notch filter would likely make a big difference. Something like the Align EQ pedal or Venue DI would handle that nicely.

        It sounds like you're on the right track though.


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          Nothing but feedback problems with M1A when plugged into an amp or pa. It's fine going into a board. But the pickup is useless for playing live. Clearly lots of other people are having the same issues. Calling it feedback resistant is ridiculous.


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            I've definitely seen a spike in people with feedback issues lately. I'm not sure why that is.

            Historically, and in my own experience with the M1A, it's been great at handling feedback in loud environments.

            Mike, if you want to email me at [email protected], I'd love the chance to get to the bottom of this with you. What you're experiencing is definitely not normal.