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Combining piezo and M80 signal

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  • Combining piezo and M80 signal

    I just purchased a M80 pickup that i have installed on my Takamine acoustic guitar that already has an active (9V) under saddle piezo pickup. I have separate output jacks from these pickups to separate tracks on my mixing board and they sound great when blended together. I was wondering if it is OK to put a simple "Y" cable connected to each of the pickup's jacks to combine the signal and route the cable to just one track and be able to blend the pickups sound via each pickups volume control? If not, Can I route each active pickup signal to a stomp box like the Boss RC-3 which accepts a left/right stereo signal and use the mono output of the RC-3 to achieve the same end result of only using one track on my mixer?

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    Running a Y-cable shouldn't be an issue at all. Combining the signals so that they blend evenly is harder.

    If you have a pedal that can take a stereo in and give you a mono-output, that should work pretty well using the volumes on the guitar to adjust the balance. Combining the two sides passively (by summing the two signals together) is going to be less predictable since the pickups have different impedances and output levels.

    It won't hurt anything, so you can try a few things and see what works best for you. A stereo preamp or multiple inputs on the mixer will likely give you the best results.