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M1 passive and another transducer on same output jack.

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  • M1 passive and another transducer on same output jack.

    Hi there,
    I'm new here, I play fingerstyle on my Epiphone jumbo I've just bought the super Baggs M1 passive soundhole pickup which I want to fit permanently. I'm also going to fit a JJB330 transducer pickup under the soundboard - I haven't received that yet but it's on its way in the mail. For recording purposes I'm wanting to run each signal onto it's separate channel via my two channel preamp - no problem there. What I'm more concerned about is having two jack/output holes drilled in my guitar
    I've read bits about dual sources wiring onto one end pin jack and was wanting some information or guidance on this. I had a look at the wiring configuration on the passive M1 jack and from memory there is a red wire, a white one, and the shield also seems to be connected. Can anybody confirm this?
    I'm not quite sure what to expect from the JJB330 when it arrives, but assuming it has a similar configuration, does anybody know how I could go about wiring these two sources to one jack socket which will then split the signals?
    I mean, if it can't be done so easily it's not the end of the world if I have to drill a second hole but the convenience and asthetic side to having one output is obvious.

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    The red wire on the M1 Passive is the signal wire. The white wire goes to the ring, so that's where you would want to connect the signal lead from the other pickup. Then you can either use a standard stereo cable, or a stereo Y cable into your mixer.