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M1 Passive + Stage Pro preamp?

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  • M1 Passive + Stage Pro preamp?

    Hello - I'm new to the forum and have a quick question. I have a Composite Acoustic OX with a factory-installed Stage Pro Element system.
    I'd like to switch to a different source and wonder if it's possible to take the Element out of the loop and wire an M1 Passive into my existing Stage Pro preamp.
    Thank for any input.

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    Hi Doug,

    It is possible to use either an M1 or the new M80(in passive mode) in place of the Element pickup. We offer and highly recommend a custom cable, with a couple of components added, that improves compatibility and tone of the M1 or M80 when connected into such a preamp with such a short cable. That cable's model number is M1C3 and it's available direct as an accessory.