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Installing M1 Passive with i beam

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  • Installing M1 Passive with i beam

    I am sure this is easy but I have to ask anyway. I am looking for detailed instructions on how to wire an M1 passive to an active i beam.
    My i beam is very muted and I am hoping to fill in with the M1 and my para di.

    Thanks in advance.

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    The M1 and iBeam can be combined inside the guitar in a few different ways. You can attach the M1 Passive to the iBeam’s jack via the Aux Input (See Attached Figure)endpin aux inputs.jpg. However, this will only allow for a stereo output from the guitar. The signal will need to be split or blended from an external piece of gear.

    The other option is to get an internal preamp like the iMix. The iMix would allow you to blend between the iBeam and the M1 and send a blended mono signal out, or a stereo out. This is preferred by most people because it doesn’t require any extra outboard gear.


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      Sidenote: The Para DI will only accept a mono signal.


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        So if I install the M1 my Para will be pretty much useless with this setup? This guitar will never see the stage, I just use it at home thru my Marshall amp. Investing big bucks into it is out of the question. My issue is that the ibeam had to be installed
        behind the bridge due to lack of space between the x brace. Just looking for options now. I guess the M1A would have been a
        better fit.


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          Because the Para DI is mono, it would only "accept" the iBeam signal, even if you had the M1 wired as a second pickup.

          If you are just playing at home, it may be a better idea to get the M1 Passive and run the included 10' cable out of the soundhole, directly to the Para DI, and then into your amp. Then you can use either system whenever you choose.