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M80 versus iMix with M1

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  • M80 versus iMix with M1

    Has anyone compared these two options. I have an M1 passive in an older Guild. I was thinking about getting the iMix and using my M1 in place of the Element. Now I am wondering if the M80 would sound more natural? I am also wondering how much body noise occurs with the M80? I play in a full band setting and do mostly hard strumming.

    Any input would be helpful. Thanks!

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    The M1/iMix combination is great, but so is the M80. The sounds can actually be pretty similar. However, the iMix will allow you much more control over the blend, EQ, and stereo/mono use. The M80 sounds amazing, but you can only adjust the pole height.

    So it's really a matter of the amount of control that you want from your guitar.


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      Thank you for the info!