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M80 distortion on e and a strings

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  • M80 distortion on e and a strings

    Hi all,
    Could anyone help me with my m80 pickup it is distorting on the e and a strings.
    I have tried 2 guitars, amps, pa system,cables ec no different.
    Adjusted poles no difference.
    Love the sound just don't like the distortion great if someone could help.

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    Have you tried the M80 in Passive mode yet? That may give insight into the source of the problem if the issue isn't there.


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      Hi ,
      yes I have tried it in passive I had the same idea it was still there maybe a bit worse.
      Thank you for you reply.


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        Hi all,
        Just playing with the pickup again I have found if I loosen the low E mounting screw and push it down the distortion Stops and as soon as tension is back on the screw it starts again. I need to have a look at the mounting system to find the what the problem is I will let you know when I fix it.


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          Also make sure that the sides of the clamps are not touching the soundhole. This can be done by pushing the pickup all the way towards the neck and then pulling it back towards the bridge about 6mm.