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    Good day all

    And I hope that some help may be available. I have just purchased a M80 and I'm not so sure about the contents of the box. OK, so there is the pickup. And there is the cabel etc. But then there are three things that seem to be pole pieces. And a little card reckons that I wont need the B pole piece but they've put one in anyway. So I'm guessing I wont need it because the B and E strings are steel. But the E seems to have a pole piece but lower down into the pickup. And then, the three items (polepieces) are not identical. there are two longer ones and a single shorter one. I just dont like getting things I dont know.

    Cheers - Ed

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    Hi Ed,
    The reason that we include the extra poles in in case you use a fully wound set of strings. If all of the strings are wound the larger poles in the pack can replace the B and E (shorter poles) to provide an even output between strings. The B and high E strings have higher output because they are not wound and have a thicker string core.

    The short pole can be inserted into the B cavity if you feel that the B strings lacks output when amplified.