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M1 plus mic options?

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  • M1 plus mic options?

    Hi all! First post here, been a happy user of LR Baggs products for many years.

    I've been using the M1a on both my Lowden D10 and Martin 00-18 for a few years and I love the results, especially the resistance to feedback at higher volume situations. However recently i accidentally had to mic my guitar at a small bar gig ( busted cable and no spare.... ) and even with an SM58 it was so nice to hear some breath back in my sound.

    SO... I'm curious about what success people have been having with adding a mic to the M1. I see that some folks are using the Lyric with an M1 (passive) added. I gather that this not "endorsed" by Lr Baggs????

    Have people been using any other mics with the M1?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Hi Alan,
    Our tech's that usually respond on here are down at the NAMM show this week. They will have limited access on here until next week.

    Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience!



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      The Lyric is actually designed to accept a passive magnetic pickup on it's Ring output channel. This is for stereo output only, but it is something that we've designed into the product.

      If you want some more "air" and natural sound, then the Lyric is a great way to go. It might even exceed your expectations for what an internal mic can do


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        Would you need a stereo cable or would you get a combination of the lyric and M1 using a reg 1/4 cable? Thanks, Cody


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          With the Lyric and M1 on the same jack, you would have to use a stereo cable in order to get both signals. A mono cable would only allow the Lyric signal to pass.


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            My set up is:
            M1 passive and Audio Technica MB2K dynamic mic pointing at the 12th fret,

            both of them thru Mackie 402 VLZ3 mixer (great mic preamps, EQ, Hi-Z input); may be blended or in separate stereo channels

            Works perfect on the stage and for recording.
            Sometimes for recording additional Audio Technica MB3K mic pointing somewhere at the soundhole and MB2k at the 12th fret; plus M1 of course.

            No guitar modification required.
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