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M1A or M1 Active Pickup Question

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  • M1A or M1 Active Pickup Question

    After reading many great reviews online, I bought a M1A from the local guitar shop and had it installed professionally.
    He installed the pickup right on the center, but I moved the pickup closer to the neck because everyone seemed to prefers that way.

    Okay. Jumping to the question.

    When I played it at my church that night, I did not get the sound I was looking for. Too much treble. Too much presence. Guitar sounded very very very treble-y. Guitar strings and body sensitivity was so sensitive, to the point where I was afraid to either strum or finger pick.

    I don't remember how the pole was adjusted at first place, but when I lowered the pole, the quack and honk did tame a little but it was not natural sounding. The pole is flat to the pick up. I gained warmth but some kind of weird howling noise, almost like an electric guitar-like sound. Is there a tip for the pole adjustment? Maybe pickup positioning? To maximize the warmth and bring natural sound?

    Please help!
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    The first thing that I would recommend is moving the pickup back from the far side of the soundhole by about 1/8". If the sides of the pickup are in direct contact with the sides of the soundhole, the body response may sound a little shrill. So back it of to where only the pickup clamps are gripping the soundhole.

    From there, adjust the poles. I prefer the poles to be about half way between the body of the pickup and the strings. Of course, this depends on the action of the guitar, but this is typically where I start. Then I adjust the individual poles down from there in order to get good string balance from string to string.

    That's my method. I hope it helps.


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      Also, make sure that the B-pole is lower than the rest if you are using regular strings (factory setting is with the B pole in all the way). If the B pole is set to high, it can make the whole pickup sound thin and clacky.


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        thank you. i will give that a try tonight.