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Suggested e.q. for M80

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  • Caleb_Elling
    Hey Brent,
    The active mode of the M80 already has some EQ built into it to try and deal with the most "electric" part of the sound, but I do have my go-to place to start with EQ.

    I've found that the most "magnetic" sounds (to my ears) are in the 250-400Hz range and the 1-3kHz range. This will vary from pickup to pickup and guitar to guitar, but that's usually where I start. Cutting out too much of either of those frequencies can really dull the sound if taken too far, so cut with care. For the M80 I actually prefer to leave the 1-3kHz range in when playing with a band, because it can help to "cut through" the mix a little more.

    In the end, the M80 is a magnetic pickup, so there's only so much that you can do with EQ. It will always sound like a magnetic to some degree.

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  • psgwww
    started a topic Suggested e.q. for M80

    Suggested e.q. for M80

    Please forgive if this topic is covered elsewhere in the Forum. (If so, just point me) The search function doesn't deal well with non-words like "eq" and "m80"

    Any suggestions for eq-ing to minimize the slight remaining "electric" sound of the M 80?