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grounding / battery problem with M1

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  • grounding / battery problem with M1

    I have had an M1 pickup for a few years , had no problems , but recently started getting a weird grounding buzz ( it went away when I touched a microphone and increased when I touched one of the pickup pins itself , which Is why I assume it was a grounding issue) as a long shot , I replaced the battery,... and it solved the problem. but two gigs later I got the same issue again ,... hoping it was a dodgy battery , I replaced once more , but had the same problem instantly - so Is this something to do with the pickup draining the battery due to a fault ? or is there something else Im missing - any suggestions on how to get around this please?

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    Hey Guy,
    It does sound to me like there might be a grounding issue.

    If you want to email me at [email protected], I can get you more information on repair options.