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M1A female jack shorted out???

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  • M1A female jack shorted out???

    Hi, my M1A pickup stopped working and overseas with some shows coming up next week. I've determined that all the wiring is fine leading up to the pickup but when I plug the 1/8 plug into the M1A I lose signal. I just discovered that if I only plug the 1/8 half way into the jack that some signal does come though, so it appears there is a bad connection inside the female plug receptor within the M1A. I am wondering how to go about fixing this. any ideas? please help!!

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    Hey Drivewaybeer,
    I've seen that symptom before, and although it would seem to be an issue with the jack on the pickup, I've always been able to fix it by replacing the external jack harness. What happens is a short develops that keeps the pickup from turning on correctly when the 1/4" cable is plugged into the jack on the guitar. The 1/8" end that plugs into the pickup is still live, so it makes noise when you touch it, but the switching contact in the 1/4' female jack is broken. You should be able to replace the output harness and be good to go. If you need to order a replacement from an online dealer, the part number is M1C2.