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    I would like to make a blend control for my Baggs M1A and the built-in under bridge piezo pickup (with preamp and eq). I imagine that this involves taking the two output 'hots' to the opposite tags of a linear potentiometer and connecting the wiper to ground but I don't know what values of pot and resistors to use. Any ideas?

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    Hey Joe,
    I wouldn't recommend blending those two systems onto the same output jack. Any time you try to blend a 3v system like the M1A and a 9v system like you have in most undersaddle pickups, there is going to be an issue with voltage/battery loading. This can cause the 9v battery to drain quickly or even overcharge or blow up the 3v battery. It's best to keep the signals separate and mix them outside of the guitar.


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      Wouldn't a couple of decoupling capacitor solve that problem?


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        Originally posted by dobrojoe View Post
        Wouldn't a couple of decoupling capacitor solve that problem?
        I did quite a bit of digging into this and it turns out that I misunderstood part of the circuit and how it functions.

        You should be able to use the hot lead from the M1A on the CW of a mix pot, with the hot from the other system on the CCW, and the wiper going to the output jack. The ground and switching contacts can be common without causing any issues. Sorry for the misinformation.

        The signals will probably have different impedance and output levels, so there will be some tonal and level loading. That is pretty standard in passive blending though.