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M1 active pickup : volume differences between strings

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  • Caleb_Elling
    Hey FunFunFun,
    I replied to the email you sent in before I saw your post.

    For anyone else reading this, we're going to investigate to see if the strings being used might have an unwound G string, which would have a hotter output than a wound-G with a magnetic pickup.

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  • M1 active pickup : volume differences between strings


    After a couple of years working well, I have some problems on my M1 active pickup :
    the sound still comes out for every strings but is around 10dB louder on G string — or 10dB lower on every other strings, i'm not sure.
    and it makes it unusable that way..

    I tried to put a new battery, but the problem remains.
    I lost the spare pole pieces so i cannot change it.

    Do you have an idea of where the problem could come from ?
    Does anyone already experienced that kind of problems ?

    Thank you !
    all the best,