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M80 Gain comparison

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  • M80 Gain comparison

    So ive been using a taylor 114e (built in factory pickup 9volts batt) for 5 years and decided to use my martin 000-15 and installed L.R. Baggs M80, i never have that much of experience on pickup gain and volume, but the m80 is not as loud as the 114 stock even with Active switch on. Is it really like that? i mean i love the sound but i just wanna make sure nothing wrong with my m80. I usually use +6db gain on my taylor 114 but with my Martin 000-15 with M80 im at +20db gain. Sorry for my ignorance...

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    Every pickup is going to have a different output level. Every pickup reacts to each guitar differently too. So even if you have the same pickup in three different guitars, you would likely get three different output levels.

    If I recall correctly, the Expression System, especially the older ES1 has a pretty hot output compared to many pickups. So what you are experiencing is not abnormal. Balancing the input gain on your amp or mixer will be the best way to match the signal levels.

    I hope this helps.