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M1A not working -- need help

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  • M1A not working -- need help

    Just received an M1A in a trade and it does not work. Was in good working condition when it was sent and the previous owner is willing to take it back if we can't get it working but i thought i'd try here. I am plugged direct into a powered PA. The cable works with my electric. When it is not plugged in and you tap it you can hear sound. I plugged the cable into the M1A 1/4" jack and left the 1/8" plug that plugs into the pickup unplugged and tapped on it and it makes noise through the speaker so its not the cable and has to be the pickup itself. I replaced the battery with a brand new one and played around with the volume control and there is nothing. I tap on the poles and there is no sound through the speaker. Any idea what i should do next or what the issue is?


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    Hey tomsy49,
    Are you using a mono cable or a stereo cable?

    Both a mono and a stereo cable would pass a signal with an electric guitar, but only a mono or unbalanced cable would work with the M1A.

    If you're not sure, mono cables have one line across the tip of the cable. Stereo cables have two lines. See the image below for reference.

    Mono Vs Stereo Cables.jpg


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      I am using a standard mono or TS instrument cable. I don't have any stereo 1/4" cables


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        It sound's like you've covered most of your bases. If you wanted to send the pickup in, I would be happy to check it out for you. Generally, since the M1A is such a simple design, it is pretty easy for us to locate and fix any issues.

        If you want to do that instead of sending it back to the previous owner, let me know at [email protected]


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          I live in Canada. Is there support up here for your products? I don't want to have to ship it somewhere in the states and have it take a month or more to get it back. I also emailed the address you provided.


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            Thanks, I emailed you back.

            I mentioned in the email that our factory here in California is the only place where we can really diagnose and repair an issue like that. A local shop might be able to look at it, but without firsthand knowledge of the pickup's internals, they may not be able to do much for repair.