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M80 versus iMix with M1 ?.

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  • M80 versus iMix with M1 ?.


    Has anyone compared these two options. I have an M1 passive in an older Guild. I was thinking about getting the iMix and using my M1 in place of the Element. Now I am wondering if the M80 would sound more natural? I am also wondering how much body noise occurs with the M80? I play in a full band setting and do mostly hard strumming?.

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    Hey jackjoy,
    I personally prefer the M80 as a standalone pickup, vs. the M1. The extra body sensitivity definitely adds a layer of natural tone that you don't get with other magnetic pickups. It still handles feedback and loud stages really well too.

    With that said, I actually like the M1 Passive better for mixing with other pickups. The M80 has more body sensitivity, so when you mix it with a body pickup (like the iBeam) the two pickups cover more of the same ground. Using the M1 with the iBeam gives you more distinction between the sources, giving you a wider range of tones while still being able to dial in a great blended sound.

    For what it's worth, Tom Petty's favorite LR Baggs system was always the iMix with the M1 and iBeam.

    I hope this helps.