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  • New Pickup for Takamine FP360

    Happy Friday all!
    Looking for pickup suggestions for my 96 Takamine FP360SC. The preamp gave way long ago and the wife gave me the "go-ahead" to purchase a replacement pickup setup for the guitar. Anyone with any experience with and a Baggs in a Takamine? I'm running a ParaAcoustic DI purchased as well.

    Any thoughts/recommendations greatly appreciated

    Rich C

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    Hey Rich,
    I've done a couple of retrofits on those guitars. Unfortunately, the preamp size and placement make it tricky to put anything in that same spot, so I've ended up just installing something internally. In one case I made a cover plate for the old preamp, and in the other situation, I just left the old preamp installed and disconnected.

    I think I installed Anthem SL's in both of them, and they sounded great! if you want a simpler system with a great sound, I'd highly recommend that.

    I hope this helps.


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      Thanks Caleb it does help. Did the Anthem install easily on the Tak? Or did the existing palathetic system have to be remove along with bridge/saddle mods? I don't mind leaving the existing preamp in place, I'll come up with some sort of something to make it pretty. My other choices may be the M80 setup (active or passive choice!) or a K&K mini. My setup is a Para DI with Align Session and Chorus.
      I'm a big LR Baggs fan, my original Para DI actually had the gain knob INSIDE the unit. After a gig mishap, the company sent me a brand new one free of charge and the gain knob location was changed to the front side. It was made in California, I believe the new ones are assembled elsewhere. The service help I received at that time was over-the-top and its a story I tell over and over when someone asks about the DI and LR Baggs gear.
      Again I appreciate your time


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        The Anthem install was very straightforward, but the pickup and output jack do need to be replaced. The stock pickup is super hot and will overdrive the Anthem preamp if used.

        It's great to hear that your experiences with us have been so positive. It's honestly such a privilege to work for a company that actually cares for the customer. Helping musicians make music is a big plus too!