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Searching for a Pickup for Epiphone Hummingbird

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  • Searching for a Pickup for Epiphone Hummingbird

    Hi Caleb,

    I just bought 1 of the new "Inspired by Gibson" Hummingbird's (Epiphone), and although it sounds good plugged in, I have heard I might enjoy it better if I change out the pick up system that it came with. This guitar came with a Fishman pickup pre-installed. I have done quite a few searches online, but I'm really stuck on what to change the system out with if I di have it done. I initially thought my choice was between the Anthem and the Anthem SL, but then I realized if you buy an actual Gibson Hummingbird, it comes pre-installed with the VTC, which makes me wonder if i should be looking at the VTC instead?

    Here's a little about what the guitar will be used for if it helps. I don't play solo alot (occasionally, but not for the majority of the time) I play in a 4 piece Classic Rock cover band. I play Acoustic Electric alot alongside a lead Electric player, Bass player, and drummer. My other Acoustic Electric is a Takamine EAN-10C, which I have a feedback sound hole plug in. I may not be putting a sound hole plug in the Hummingbird, because of the pickup being inside it, but I still want to no have to worry about feedback as much. The band can get loud at times, and I always have a monitor in front of me on stage, because I am the lead singer too. I know the Anthem has more controls, and I am ok with the simpler design of the SL (less to mess with), but if having the Anthem or something else is really going to benefit me for reducing feedback, then I'm certainly open to that. What do you think is the best system for me? Thank you in advance!


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    Hey Devin,
    Thanks for posting.

    The Gibson Hummingbird does come with the VTC, but the Anthem would still be considered an upgrade for that system. If you want to keep it simple, the VTC is a great system. However, the Anthem would be my personal preference since you'd get the Element, and the ability to bring in the mic for a more natural sound whenever you want.

    I actually prefer the SL myself, but I think that the Anthem would be a perfect fit for you and the situations you're playing in.

    I hope this helps.


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      This does help! Are you saying the Anthem would better because it would be less likely to have feedback in live band situations? I dont necessarily need all the bells and whistles that the SL doesn't have...but if I'm less likely to have sound issues with the full Anthem compared to the SL, then thay would be a selling point for me.


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        The Anthem SL shouldn't have any more issues with feedback compared to the regular Anthem, or even the regular Element. The undersaddle pickup always carries the low end, so feedback should be minimal with any of those systems. If you want a simpler interface, by all means, the SL is a fantastic system! If you want to be able to blend in more undersaddle, that's where the full Anthem becomes beneficial.