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PU for Yamaha APX T2 travel guitar?

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  • PU for Yamaha APX T2 travel guitar?

    Hello everybody,
    I bought a Yamaha APX T2 for my wife to play on stage, as she prefers its small size. It's actually lovely to play, but the PU is terrible! I realise that nothing is going to make it sound like a full-sized guitar, but there must be a better alternative. I've got a Seagull S8 mandolin with (I think) a Baggs "Elements" built in and that sounds very full and warm (for a mandolin). Would that be a way to go, does anyone think? The guitar is to be used exclusively for live work and mostly strummy accompaniment.
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions, Jimi Limpet.

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    Hey Jimi,
    Thanks for posting.

    The Element is a great way to get a big sound from a smaller guitar. It doesn't always have the most natural sound, but it sounds big and it cuts through, and is easy to hear in any playing situation.

    If you want a more natural-sounding option, the Anthem SL should also be a great option for that guitar.