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Anthem system combined with Session vtc

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  • Anthem system combined with Session vtc

    I was wondering is this possible,combine Anthem with Session vtc so i can use Seassion vtc to control even more anthem process would be something like this.
    1. Install the L.R. Baggs Anthem system in your guitar, following the manufacturer's instructions. This includes mounting the Tru-Mic condenser microphone, installing the Element under-saddle pickup, and connecting them to the provided preamp.
    2. Install the Session VTC preamp in your guitar, as per L.R. Baggs' guidelines.
    3. Instead of connecting the Element pickup directly to the Anthem preamp, connect it to the input of the Session VTC preamp.
    4. Connect the output of the Session VTC preamp to the "pickup" input on the Anthem preamp. This allows you to blend the Tru-Mic and the Element signals, and take advantage of the Session VTC's Analog Saturation and Variable Treble Control features.
    5. Plug your guitar into an amplifier or PA system, and adjust the blend control on the Anthem preamp and the controls on the Session VTC preamp to achieve your desired sound.

    By combining the Anthem system with the Session VTC, you will have even more control over your guitar's tone, allowing you to create a customized sound suitable for various performance and recording scenarios. Note that combining these two systems may require some additional wiring and adjustments. If you're not comfortable with this process, consider seeking the help of a professional guitar technician.

    Anyone has expirence with this?

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    I replied to your email earlier this morning.

    Here's what I said:

    Unfortunately, the Anthem is designed to work with the passive signal coming from the Element. If you run the Element through the Session preamp, the signal will be significantly louder and will overdrive the input of the Anthem preamp at any setting.

    The better option would be to install the Anthem and use the Align Session or Session DI to get the additional control over the signal. This would give you even more control over the tone, and would allow the products to be used as they were designed.

    I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, please let me know.​