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M80 vs. Anthem for 1970's Yamaha FG180 Red Label

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  • M80 vs. Anthem for 1970's Yamaha FG180 Red Label


    I recently purchased a vintage Yamaha FG180 Red Label and am looking to purchase a pickup. The natural tone of the acoustic is phenomenal, and I do not want to lose that tone once plugged in. I usually play in a small to medium sized band. Any advise on which pickup to go for? I am looking at either the M80 or the Anthem.


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    Hey Kenan,
    Thanks for posting.

    Choosing between the Anthem and the M80 can be tricky- it's very much a matter of personal preference. I really do like both pickups for different reasons.

    In my opinion, the Anthem sounds more natural with the right mic settings. The M80 is easier to install, doesn't alter the acoustic sound of the guitar as much (no undersaddle), and cuts through a full band mix like the best of them. The M80 can tend to sound more "magnetic" or electric, but that quality is a benefit for some players and some music styles.

    Choosing a pickup is mostly a matter of what you want to get out of it. I prefer a natural sound over just about anything else, so the Anthem is my go-to.


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      Thanks Caleb

      My style of playing is usually just strumming. Which pickup in your opinion would best suit this style of playing? I seldom do finger picking, except when playing on my own in certain instances. (I play in a worship band.)


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        Honestly, I prefer the Anthem SL over anything else. It has the best parts of the Anthem's sound but in a smaller and simpler package. It's also less expensive than the Anthem and the M80.

        If you want some additional control over the mic and pickup blend, the Anthem is great. If you want a natural sound without the extra features and fuss, the Anthem SL is amazing.


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          I think I will go for the Anthem SL then.

          Thanks for the assistance Caleb