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  • iMix or Anthem SL

    Hey There!

    I hate to bother with a "which would you do?" type of question but I figured I'd go straight to the source. I have a Guild that's a pretty dedicated strummer and I installed a passive iBeam in it awhile back. Even preamped with the Para, it never worked great live but it recorded really well so it's relegated to studio work. I have a Yamaha LL16 w/a Dual Source in it and I substituted a LB6 in place of the Element and have been extremely happy with it. I was considering putting the Anthem SL in my Guild but when I realized I have a spare Element laying aroud and an iBeam already installed, I was considering just buying the iMix preamp and installing that. I've been very happy with my Dual Source in my "fingepickin'" guitar and the iMix seems even more adjustable and would (in theory) add a lot of power and presence to the iBeam in that guitar.

    Any major thoughts on the iMix vs Anthem SL battle for a strummer, besides the iMix preamp saving me a few bones?

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    Hey Eric,
    Choosing one of those pickups is definitely a matter of personal preference. If you want to have a lot more tonal variety and control, the iMix is extremely flexible. If you are looking for a simple system with a natural sound and minimal controls, the SL is the best choice.

    If you can figure out what you're looking to get out of the system, it should be a much easier question to answer.


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      That makes sense. Personally, since it's a strummer and flatpicker, I assumed augmenting my existing iMix w/the Element and onboard preamp or switching to the Anthem SL would grant the tone and control I need. I was going to switch to the SL but since I am in possession of an iBeam and Element already, I was curious if the iMix could produce roadworthy strum-tone that would let me reuse my existing pickups. I've found the iBeam to produce a very natural tone but one that (for me) lacks power. I was hoping the onboard preamp and Element could adjust that but if it is better suited for, say, fingerpicking (like I think my LB6 Dual Source is) than I'd rather go with the Anthem SL.

      Simplicity is great but I don't mind tweaking an iMix if it can be a superior strummer, nor do I mind the extra bones of the SL if it's (overall) superior for strumming. Thanks!


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        Does that provide enough info for a reco?


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          The iMix is definitely capable of some great tones, but it does take some time an energy to dial it in. It has a lot of small controls that can make or break the tone. It's also worth mentioning that the iMix preamp by itself is about $150-170 (with output jack and remote). That doesn't include the mini-plugs that you would need to adapt the Element and iBeam to the iMix.

          With all of that said, I would recommend the Anthem SL. The SL is simpler to control, easier to dial in, and it gives you a great sound for simple strumming (or anything else). The iMix is a tweaker's dream, but honestly, I've never got as good of a sound from it fully dialed in as I have from the SL at factory settings.