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Lyric vs Dual Source

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  • Lyric vs Dual Source

    Hey Caleb,

    I've been using a Dual Source for the better part of a year now w/a LB6 and have generally been happy with it. That said, I experimented w/running it in stereo through two Radial PZ preamps and noticed that the mic picked up a ton of mechanical rattling and a good amount of electrical pops and crackles. Beyond that, when the mic was opened up re: volume, it had almost unmanageable feedback. Setting the DS in Mono through a single PZ made it much less feedback prone but there was still some buzzing and rattling sounds.

    I got the impression that the Lyric might be less sensitive to all of those "in your guitar noises, plus less real estate and feedback, and was curious if that's true? I could, in theory, use the Lyric and wire my LB6 to the ring to blend in some piezo but don't want to tear out my Dual Source if the Lyric isn't likely to fix my noise and feedback issues.

    Thanks again!

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    The Lyric is still a mic, so it will still pick up handling noise as well as rattles if they exist in the guitar. As far as tone quality and feedback, the Lyric is a significant improvement on the older-style DS mic. The noise-canceling nature of the Lyric makes it sound much less like a mic in a box, and more like you are mic'ing the top of the guitar. If you blend the Lyric with the LB6, you should be able to use a lot more mic before feedback, using the LB6 to add punch and cut-through to the mic.

    Of course, you won't be able to output in mono, but if that's ok with you, it should be a great setup.