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Baggs Imix Notch Dual Source upgrade?

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  • Baggs Imix Notch Dual Source upgrade?

    I have a 2007 LV-05 with a Baggs Imix Notch Dual Source pickup. Instead of upgrade to the stagepro anthem, is there any available channel or input on the Imix that can receive a mic signal.
    Would i be able to take the signal from a LR Baggs Lyric and "plug" it into the imix?
    I haven't done any research on the imix, nor have i looked at what under the hood so this might be a completely ridiculous question but I'm ok if you tell me that

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    Hey petrivoges,
    Thanks for posting.

    Unfortunately, the iMix does not supply power to any of its inputs. So it will not work with any mic or pickup that requires power. The Anthem and Lyric preamps provide power to the mic from the preamp.

    So you would want to upgrade the entire system to the Stage Pro Anthem in order to get the mic functionality. The good news is that the Stage Pro is a direct, no-modification replacement for the Larrivee Notch systems.


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      Thanks for the info!