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Classical guitar pickup - non invasive

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  • Classical guitar pickup - non invasive

    I would like to install a pickup in my Cordoba C9, but would like to avoid drilling the guitar (except for the end jack hole) or structurally modify it in any way.

    I also already own a M80 which I use with my D28 along with a Venue preamp, so the same preamp would be used with my classical setup as well. My playing is usually in a band setup (with bass, drums, sometimes keyboard) so the setup to be used should be as feedback resistant as possible.

    The search was narrowed down to the Lyrics or iBeam.

    Which one of these would give me less feedback when playing with a band?

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    Hey znanjeiimanje,
    If feedback is your primary concern, the Lyric does deal with feedback better than the iBeam by strict comparison.

    The Lyric has some good stuff going on in the circuit to help fight feedback in louder situations. It is still a mic, so it will feedback more than something like an undersaddle or mag pickup. If you have the Venue you should be able to get quite a bit out of the Lyric in louder situations.

    I hope this helps.