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  • Pickup for Weisseborn

    I have the Anthem system in my Breedlove acoustic. I love it and sounds fabulous.

    I'm getting a Weissenborn acoustic lap steel soon.

    Many Weissenborn players favor a magnetic soundhole pickup.

    I'm wondering if the hollow neck of a Weissenborn would make the Anthem (original or SL) more susceptible to feedback.

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    Hey GLosborn,
    Thanks for posting.

    The magnetic pickups are going to be better for playing at higher volumes compared to the Anthem, but the Anthem should sound a lot more natural. With that said, the Anthem does handle feedback well, even when using the mic. Magnetic pickups are just better.

    Some lap steel players plug into electric amps, in which case the magnetic pickups will perform better all around. If you are going for more of a natural acoustic sound into an acoustic amp or PA, then the Anthem will be the better option.

    I hope this helps.