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  • Lyric v Anthem

    Hi all. Having made the choice to purchase a Lr Baggs system wondered if anybody can help. I’ve my heart set on the Lyric for my dreadnaught and having seen the Anthem is the mic used in the Anthem the same as the lyric. I understand the Anthem comes with a piezo as well it’s just that they both are approx the same retail price.
    many thanks


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    Hey Gary,
    One thing I didn't mention in my email or in response to your other post is the Anthem SL, which is the same retail price as the Lyric.

    The Anthem SL has a fixed and non-adjustable blend between the pickup and mic. So the mic will always carry 250Hz and above, while the pickup will carry the sound below 250Hz.

    On the full Anthem, you can blend between this crossover setting and the full-range undersaddle pickup. On the Anthem SL, the crossover setting is all you get.