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  • Radius parts for mandola

    Hey LR Baggs! I recently bought a Radius pickup for my mandolin and it worked great, so I also just bought another for a new Weber mandola - and the body of the instrument is just a few millimeters too wide for the mounting system. I'm wondering if you can provide any specs (threading, etc) on the middle piece so I could look for a larger body of the mount elsewhere online. Or, if you have any other suggestions (other than having it mounted internally).

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    LR Baggs doesn't carry any longer turnbuckles for the jack, but the guy who makes the jack does. The Carpenter jack that we use is made by Fred Carpenter at The Violin Shop in Nashville.

    You can call them via the number on their website ( or email them at [email protected]. Just give them the thickness of your Mandola and they should be able to get you what you need.


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      Confirmed! They confirmed that their 40mm turnbuckles will work, and are shipping them to me now. Thanks for the tip!


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        Thanks for posting the follow-up!


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          I purchased a radius mandolin pickup for my octave mandolin and, following the advice of this thread, contacted The Violin Shop to see about longer turnbuckles to fit a body of 2 and 7/8 inches. I spoke to owner Fred Carpenter who sent me the size I needed. Mr. Carpenter mentioned that he now carries turnbuckles in eleven different lengths and is confident that one of these eleven will accommodate any plectrum instrument.