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DC Resistance for Radius-M?

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  • DC Resistance for Radius-M?

    I got a mandolin from an old friend that had a Radius pickup (with carpenter jack) on it, but he said it didn't seem to work last time he'd used it, but that was over 5 years ago. I took the pickup off at first to do other needed work, but now, about a year later, I'm wondering if it is functional. I thought I'd do a quick check of the DC resistance and got a about .5MΩ (ohm), i.e., about 5-10x a magnetic pickup. Is this the typical range? Just want to not waste time putting it on and dragging the PA out to test it.

    On a related question, if it is in-range, I did read that it should have at least a 2.2MΩ impedance input on a preamp. Does anyone use one of these with a Gigpro (that manual says it has 10MΩ input impedance)? I'd like to avoid a floor pedal setup for now.

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    The Radius won't give you much when you put a meter on it. Its hybrid sensor doesn't really register an ohm reading on its own. If you can get a reading, it's not a good indication of if the pickup is working properly or not.

    It's usually best just to plug it into a preamp and give it the ol' tap test.

    We recommend a 2.2M minimum input for the Radius, so the 10M input on the Gigpro works great. You just don't want an input impedance lower than 2.2M, or you may start to lose some frequency content, especially with a longer cable.